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Claw Gardening Gloves

Claw Gardening Gloves

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Take Your Gardening To The Next Level

Weeding plays a massive role in enhancing the aesthetic of your garden. The Claw Gardening Gloves have been designed to increase the speed of your weeding while protecting your hands from the environment.

Save time: With the durable ABS plastic claw design you can dig holes and plant in half the time. 

 4 Claws Made With ABS Plastic: ABS plastic is a strong polymer that is impact resistant and highly rigid, allowing for quicker and more efficient gardening sessions.

Joint Protecting: Gloves are made from a lightweight material to ease the pain and stress on the joints.

Breathable Design: The Claw Gardening Gloves have a breathable design to enhance airflow and keep your hands dry.

Waterproof & Puncture Resistant Materials: The gloves are made with waterproof and puncture resistant materials to negate environmental factors and foreign objects for a more comfortable gardening experience.

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